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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 11, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>getting on the final results out of new hampshire in this the first primary of the year, but we are getting some preliminary numbers the host of inside bay area politics are catherine heenan is live for us in the newsroom tonight who's joined by political analyst tyra from now catherine what can we expect out of new hampshire tonight and tears i want we are on are we now from now is a a. >>democratic county central
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committee candidate. she is also a member of the united democratic club yeah, i just mention real fast. i told tyra few minutes ago, andrew yang had dropped out in your reaction i was really kind of disappointed because he was like the little engine that could he made it over all these different peace and mountains to get to the final frontier and to dropouts will said even though we all kind of felt it coming. >>and his perspective on math and economics i really appreciate it on a little sad about and you're like you know and he was kind of fun, you know he was an interesting guy pursue a color and where it is just starting to lose some new hampshire, it looks terror and the results are still fairly early. there's sanders buttigieg a cloak which are hanging in there and making some moves yeah, it looks like a 3 way race. what are your what are you watching for well i think right that nationally democrat democrats are looking for a moderate candidate a progressive candidate, i think bernie sanders really dominating the progressive sort of narrative and warned of course that bernie of
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course i feel like as a lot of that. >>and then coach are and buttigieg and even people i fight and and bloomberg is not on the map right now but they're all considered moderate so right now it's kind in the party, those 2 factions going all right, you joe biden boy did he expectations low, we got on a plane here in south carolina. he's not in new hampshire tonight so area for showing so far enough we've got numbers will go ahead and bring them to but. >>a bad night for joe biden warren is hanging way back but there you're looking at and again this is fairly early but sanders, the char interesting though a couple midwesterners tyra buttigieg uncover char are coming in there and making inroads and you've got joe biden a former president you've elizabeth warren who was basically right next door senator just kind of dying on the vine. >>yeah, i think biden me i could be wrong. this is my conjecture but i think he's kind of just trying to in this race with some dignity. i
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think he kind of sees the writing's on the wall and he's just trying to finish strong so i really respect joe biden for the history but it unfortunately things aren't blowing in his favor right now so to speak all right since you mention, bloomberg, he has been gaining a lot of traction but he's also been gaining more scrutiny from his rivals and you know the audio was leaked and it was a bloomberg very aggressively defending his stop and frisk policy. >>very blunt terms saying for example at one point the way to get kids to give up their guns just you know from against the wall and got the gun to write a much is that going to hurt. bloomberg. >>well i think the fact that people throwing these darts at him i shooting and that was a bad is a is showing that he may be somewhat of a contender. you know people using don't go after someone they don't feel threatened by so that's kind of the silver lining to that but i do think that bloom bit for merck has a lot to answer for around stop and frisk i think he did some apology but people are really
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buying it so he's going have to do a lot right now he's getting a lot of the mayor's nationally on board, especially mayors in urban centers. so hopefully that can help as far as his campaigning. he does have a lot to answer for. >>and it has been argued that this is not really a race until the candidates are in states that are less white to see what they do with african american vote like south carolina law i believe that a candidate cannot win without the african-american vote. it is very important. i think a bloomberg is doing is trying to mobilize surrogates on like the that are in cities to basically advocate for him and to show people that he is changed man, he sees the error of his ways so we'll see if that on if that sticks all could new hampshire bill last state for any of the other candidates, andrea and dropping out anybody else you think ready mom i don't know i think more if anyone but i you
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know, i'm in san francisco, warm still very popular here of course bernie's super popular site still feel like she's going to fight the good fight right now i feel like the field is going to hold until the next primary all right tara, thank you and we will be at 8.30 with a different political analyst but we're going to do this again and we'll have more results by them back to you. all right, thank you tyra thank you catherine other big political news tonight in really a stunning move all for federal prosecutors. >>assigned to roger stone's case have quit that case ahead of his sentencing next week. the resignations come just hours after the justice department revealed it will significantly reduce stones sentencing recommendations and the justice department announcement came just after the president tweeted after hearing that the 4 prosecutors had recommended a 7 to 9 year sentence the president tweeted quote this is a horrible and very unfair situation. the real crimes were on the other side and nothing happens to them cannot allow this
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miscarriage of justice and quote, still it was convicted last year on 7 charges relating to the mueller investigation, including lying to congress and witness tampering. prosecutors yesterday recommended that he be sentenced to 7 to 9 years in prison but today, the d o j again announced plans to reduce the recommendations just hours after president trump criticized them. all right time for weather check in water a day to day amazing temperatures all around the bay area still have the numbers up with a lot of 70's even some 80's popping up around the bay area beautiful out there right now nice and clear as you can see over toward out as temperatures going all around the bay area. >>and he's a nice going to start to cool off a little bit by tomorrow most a few high clouds begin to drift in a sea breeze likely to return to that will bring the numbers down especially near the coastline plan on a 50's and said the 60's like we had today, you're looking a lot of 60's inside the bay, though 64 very mild in the burlingame 67
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in san carlos 68 in palo alto south they are still looking at 60's and some 70's and yet a lot of 70's you move well inland by tomorrow afternoon start to feel the effects of that sea breeze make a return that will help to slowly cool temperatures down starting tomorrow and that trend will take us into the weekend to in fact, the next couple days, we're going to know is return of some cooler temperatures outside around the bay area a
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